Wednesday 23 November 2011

I Just Don't Want To Know

I’ve talked before about Richelle Mead. She’s the hugely talented urban fantasy author behind Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, The Georgina Kincaid series and Dark Swan.

I read her Vampire Academy books just after I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia in October 2009. Her books and her blog inspired me to write Ravensborough, which started me writing seriously for publication. At first I loved her Vampire Academy Books, but I later got hooked on the Georgina Kincaid series, which tells the trials and tribulations of a succubus who falls in love with a guy she can’t touch in case she accidentally steals his soul. It’s a six book series, and book five ended on such a cliff hanger that I was impatient to see how (if) the final book would resolve things for Georgina.

I didn’t know how I’d wait until September 2011 when it was released in the UK. But September came and went, and I didn’t buy the book. I even put the book in my Amazon shopping cart, and took it straight back out again. Despite looking forward to it for months, despite me loving the previous five books, I didn’t really want to read the last book. Why? Because then it would be over.

I know it’s kind of childish, but I want to prolong it for as long as I can. I plan to reread the first five books and then – just maybe – I might be ready to read the final instalment.

What books or series’ have you not wanted to finish?   


  1. I know how you feel! I was shaking when I opened the box containing the book=)
    Take your time getting to the book. When you're ready to sit down and read it, I think you'll be happy with how it ends=)

  2. The Study and Glass series by Maria v. Snyder- I sooo wish those books could keeping going on and on and on :)

  3. I admit that it took me forever to read the last book of The Immortals by Tamora Pierce and I still haven't read the sequel to one of my favorite books - "Daughter of the Forest" because I don't want it to end. It's normal! :)

  4. Harry Potter! I didn't want to read the last one yet I couldn't wait to read the last one. Twilight was another series I was sorry it was over.


  5. Oh lord I keep the last two chapters of books all the time to prolong a series. And I introduced Juliana (my CP) to the Snyder series - just saying. :P

    I haven't started the Succubus series yet, but I won the first one in a contest and can't wait.