Friday 27 May 2011

Friday Fives: Internet Distractions

Every Friday the nice people over at Paper Hangover come up with a blogging prompt. This week's topic of choice is your top five internet distractions.

I have to say, I'm finding this one difficult. Not because I can't think of five, I must say, but because it's hard for me to narrow it down to just five. I'm a champion procrastinator. I could probably compete for Ireland in a procrastinating competition (wouldn't that be cool...see! I'm always getting distracted!).

So here we go:

1: Blogger: It's hard for me to believe that a couple of months ago I didn't have a blog. I knew they were a good idea, I know that every aspiring writer should build a platform, but I thought I was too busy for one. Now though, it sucks in hours of my time. Because what I love about blogs is that not only do I get to ramble incessantly about musings of my choice (which gives my husband's ears a break, thereby saving my marriage) but I can follow people and get a little glimpse into their lives. And for someone as interested in other people as I am (read: as nosy as bedamned) it's completely addictive.

2: Salacious celebrity gossip: Yes, there are more important things going on in the world than the fact that Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the American X-Factor, but hey. As I said above, I'm nosy.

3: Newspaper sites: Hours of my like are sucked into reading articles and opinion pieces. But I'm a journalist and a writer so I can claim that it's work...ahem!

4: YouTube: I love watching YouTube, particularly clips from the Ellen DeGeneres show. I love her so much! I wonder if Ellen and Portia would adopt me...(God I hope that my mother never finds this blog)

5: Wikipedia: I love facts. Maybe it comes from being a historian, maybe it comes from my nosiness (as you can see, I'm working hard to get this character flaw seen as a good thing by y'all. Though it probably isn't working) but I tend to go off on mad tangents, and Google crazy things to find out more about them. I can do this for hours, because every answer presents a question.

These are the main things on the internet that take me away from my writing. What internet distractions do you all have?


  1. Hey Christine,

    Wikipedia is also a time suck for me too. It starts out as honest "research", but inevitably leads down a road of: "Oooh, I never knew that before. I'll finish reading this and then I'll get back to...Oooh, I never knew this before either. I'll finish and then get back...Oooh!"

    Hyperlinking is the bane of all productivity.


  2. Wikipedia -- YES. Huge time sucker right there! lol

  3. Omigod- you are so right about Wikipedia :) And blogger & celebrity sites are two of things me and Pam can't stay away from, too!

  4. I had so much trouble narrowing down, too!

  5. With you on Blogger! Most of my time gets sinked into blogs, but it's so much fun! Also: news. And I'm with Micheal:

    Hyperlinking is the bane of all productivity/


  6. Oh, I completely forgot Wikipedia on my list! Dang!
    Like others have said, I open a tab to research something, only to realize 10 minutes later, I have 5 more tabs open - all to Wikipedia - as I find other a-mazing things I just can't live without knowing!
    Complete distraction, so agree!
    Great list!

  7. Those might be my top five too. The internet is so wicked.

  8. blogging definitely takes a lot of my time as well as face book! That is a big time sucker! I haven't done much with Wikipedia, but I probably should!

  9. This is a great list of time-suck websites! I don't think #3 is BAD though. It's good to stay on top of the news :) now, #2... haha I used to spend hours on celebrity gossip websites, but I realized I didn't need to know every little fact about a bunch of people I don't even know. And #4 and #5 are great for research ;) ;)

  10. @ Michael: Yep, it's a never ending circle of distraction!

    @ Holly, Marquita & Alicia: Glad I'm not the only one addicted to the Wiki!

    @ Jennifer, Erin, Scribal and Lydia: Think how much we'd get done without all those sites!

    @ Jessica: I suppose it's not bad, but it sure is distracting!

    @ Heather: I suppose we can argue that as blogging is 'social', it can't be that bad!

  11. Sometimes I shake my fist at myself for starting up a blog. It's a major time suck, but I'm still happy I have it. :)