Tuesday 10 January 2012

Technowoes Begone!

For the past year I have been working on a netbook. I had a beautiful desktop in college which I wrote most of Storms and Ravensborough, but it gave up the ghost in our last house. The motherboard gave out, and it would have been cheaper to buy a new computer then to get it fixed.

We decided to postpone buying me a new machine, because I had a netbook (his name is Sam). My netbook was for bringing in to college and archives to take notes. My hands find it difficult to use pens for long periods, and a netbook is lighter than a laptop to carry. It was a perfect secondary machine.

But I was unemployed and Ireland's economy was flat-lining. We decided to put off buying me a new computer and put the money towards something more sensible. Like paying the gas bill or, y'know, buying food.

But my small computer, while fantastic, isn't able for the intensive use I was giving it. Over the past few months it's started to grumble and have hissy fits. He never signed up for full-time use, I was pushing him too hard and he was nearing breaking point. I still couldn't justify buying another computer.

But then my husband's laptop, which was as slow as bedamned after six years of constant use and a lot of bulky software, bit the dust. So we went off shopping yesterday for a new family computer. After ten minutes of me stroking a Sony Vaio and doing mental arithmetic to work out what we'd have to give up in order to buy one (hint: gas, food) we settled on a beautiful HP laptop. We called her Harriet.

I'm writing on her now, and it's a strange experience after a year on Sam. Harriet's screen is so much bigger and I keep pressing the wrong keys. At least I'm not worried about losing my work so much now. (Yes, I do back up. When I remember.) And Sam is happy to return to being an archival, portable machine.


  1. Lol, cute story! I have a Sony Vaio and it's white, which I love because it's different from all the other black computers. Also, I like that you name your computers... very funny!

  2. We have an HP Laptop. I named him "Lappy," although my husband refuses to call him that. Happy you have computer that works well now.

  3. I love having a desktop! When I sit here I feel like I'm really working and not just playing around. But a laptop would be nice as well :)

  4. Hoooooooooray computer!

    My netbook is holding up really well, but as you say, it's not designed for constant use. My laptop (a 2008 Vaio) is getting a bit slow, but I'm hoping he's got a lot more life in him yet!

  5. HPs are pretty decent computers. I have a desktop that I love. I have yet to own a laptop, though I will be looking in to getting one this year sometime.
    I can't say I've ever heard of anyone naming their computers before, but I love it=) It's just as good as naming your car!

  6. I am so glad you have a good computer you can use!!!


  7. I bought a Mac last January and we are still having a raging affair. It is definitely possible to become enamored with a laptop, hope you love yours!

  8. I name all my computers male names. I figure if ships and cars were ladies, then computers had to be male. Kudus on returning to a bigger computer (but sorry to hear the deaths of your other two).