Thursday 28 July 2011

Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Thanks everyone for the beautiful comments on yesterday's post. I've met so many lovely people since I started blogging here in March, I'm incredibly lucky.

I bought Divergent to take away on holiday, pulled in by its shiny cover, my love of all things dystopian and favourable mentions on blogger. Also because it was part of a three books for the price of two special in Eason's book shop on O'Connell Street. Hey, there's a global economic crisis on don't you know?

Whatever the reason, I'm glad I picked this one up. Roth's writing style is engaging and full of beautiful imagery that easily evokes a dystopian Chicago. Tris is an interesting character, though I wish we had gotten to know her family a little bit more before everything changed.

There's not much that I can say about the plot, without rapidly wading into spoiler territory, but I really liked this gritty YA novel. There were some parts that I didn't buy, like the trains looping round the city constantly for the sole use of the Dauntless faction, but generally it was a solid enjoyable novel.

The ending is obviously set up for a sequel, but I didn't get that annoying feeling that the sole purpose of this book was to set up the sequel. This is becoming very common lately with the rise of popularity of book series. I'd recommend any fan of YA or dystopian fiction to pick this up, it's well worth a read.

Oh, and I think I'd plump for Erudite, if you're interested ;)


  1. Ooh! *runs off to Easons*

    Thanks for the great review and suggestion.

  2. Divergent was totally awesome. I downed it in one night.

  3. I'm Erudite too, I think. :0)
    This was a good book.
    Very cool that you're becoming a foster carer!

  4. This has been recommended to me by so many people... I've just started reading it.

  5. Amnesty. I could spend all day futzing around with my writing or making dances.

  6. I mean Amity. It's early.

  7. Divergent is a fun read! I think I'd go for Erudite too ;)