Monday 4 July 2011

I'm on holiday!

People who don't read my blog often, may not be aware that I'm currently on holiday. I may have spent most of last week blogging about it, and boring you all senseless, but now I should finally be very close to the picture you see on your right. Yep, that's County Wexford.

I'm scheduling this blog post, because if I do so much as attempt to boot up my net book my husband may wrestle me to the ground (and not in the good way) and throw it over the cliff. And, you know, he may file for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour: i.e. not being able to take a holiday without writing.

Husband once wanted to buy an electric banjo.
Thankfully I persuaded  him otherwise.
 But, as it so happens, he may not be the only one pondering divorce. I was lucky enough to meet my soul mate at nineteen. He is a fabulous person, and we have a huge amount in common. However, when I daydreamed about finding the perfect man, I didn't imagine certain things that came as part of the package. I didn't see myself marrying someone who left cupboard doors open, and who likes to take random pieces of bric-a-brac out of his pockets at the end of the day and leave them on the kitchen table. And I certainly didn't see myself marrying someone who loved country music.

Yep. We have completely different musical tastes. I like musical scores, and pop, he likes a certain type of country music. While a proper holiday soundtrack for me would involve Rihanna, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Fergie playing at full blast with me shrieking the lyrics tunelessly and flailing my limbs in wild, holiday-induced abandon, he will want to listen to depressing funeral dirge type music that bemoans the fate of humanity at length over the twang of a banjo. Our differing musical tastes only tend to come to a head on car journeys, when we're forced to share a stereo for a protracted amount of time. It will be interesting to see who prevails.

*I have no intention of divorcing my husband.*
*I'm sorry for any fans of depressing country music that may have been inadvertently offended by my post. On the bright side, at least y'all have more credibility than my pop-loving soul*
*Blog posts are scheduled, so I'll reply to any comments when I get back*


  1. omg, Christine this is hilarious! I'm exactly like you and it sounds like my boyfriend is exactly like your husband!

    Thankfully, I've been able to come around on country music and don't hate it as much as I did two years ago when I moved in with him :)

  2. Hahaha yeah... that will be awkward. Sort of like me liking rock and metal while my brother only listens to Smokie, Abba and musicals.

    See you when you're back!


  3. How beautiful that picture is! My hubby collects odds and ends then deposits them on the couch as though to say, "Look, honey! I found gold!". Kind of cute in a I-just-cleaned-the-dang-living-room-and-I-will-slap-your-head-off-if-you-mess-with-it way. He's still alive (and the head is intact). Hope you're having fun!