Monday 25 July 2011

Taking Stock

It's been a weird week. First there as the awful atrocity in Norway, which was just horrific. And then there was the death of Amy Winehouse on Saturday. Amy's death was sad in itself, but it also highlights the millions of lives that are ruined every year throughout the world due to addiction.

It's hard to see the justice sometimes. Almost 100 lives were lost in Norway due to one man, innocent people with the rest of their lives ahead of them. So too, hundreds of people have lost their lives through addiction in the past week. How is that all right? I'd class myself as spiritual rather than religious, and I can't seem to see through to the meaning behind it all.

Then there's the famine in Somalia, genocide and wars elsewhere in the globe, millions of people who seem to have the odds stacked against them from the very beginning. Sometimes it's hard to see how that is ok, and hard not to lose hope.


  1. As horrendous as they are, pain and suffering teach us mercy and compassion. They challenge those of us left behind to be strong and to hope and work together toward a better world. Even though the better world may never come, the trying is important.

    It doesn't always seem worth the misery, but at least it's something.

  2. It can be really hard to see something other than the pain and suffering of our world, but if we focus on it... we'll never see the answer. It's my opinion that God has a reason for everything, but we just don't get the chance to understand it. It may not be understandable for us. It still hurts to see that suffering.

  3. For me, the hope comes, not from asking why these things happen, but asking how we can stop them from happening in our future.

  4. Every day there is more horror in the news than we should have to handle. Yet, every time my husband leaves his family for months at a time-- serving and protecting not just the US but other countries as well, I remind myself that someday, all the horror will lead to a bright future... and Karma's a bitch to those who seek to hurt the innocents.

    Keep writing.