Monday 26 December 2011

Happy St. Stephen's Day!

I know in some parts of the world Christmas is just one day, but in Ireland St. Stephen's Day on December 26th is as much a part of Christmas as the day before. It's like the big day itself, but mellower. Really, Christmas here stretches into New Year, right up to old Christmas Day on January 6th.After the 6th, kids go back to school and the trees finally come down. Nowadays lots of people go back to work before Old Christmas Day, but festivities in Ireland stretch into the entire fortnight.

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I had a lovely one. Mostly because it's my favourite time of year, but also because my husband bought me a Kindle! I've waxed lyrical before on this blog about how paperbacks hurt my wrists (because of illness, I'm not the whiniest twenty-something year old in the world) and it was a really thoughtful present. I love it so much I'm posting a picture - as if you didn't know what one looks like.

My novel Storms in Teacups is out now, and is available in all Amazon Kindle stores.Today I'm over at my ABNA buddy Dwight Okita's blog, talking about being afraid of failure.

To those who've liked my Facebook page thank you so much. The link is here if anyone wants to spread some festive goodwill. Karma people, karma.

Off to cook the St. Stephen's Day ham! :)


  1. Happy St Stephen's! It's Boxing Day here, so my aunt is here for our annual celebration ^_^

  2. That's really awesome! I love my Kindle!

  3. Now boxing day is almost over there is only New Year's eve and New Year's day left, then we're done :-(

  4. Happy St. Stephen's Day!!! I love your Kindle! It is wonderful! I do hope the rest of your vacation is great!


  5. I like the idea of Christmas stretching to 6th January. Maybe I should move to Ireland :).

    What a lovely present, and a very thoughtful husband.