Wednesday 14 December 2011

Storms In Teacups Book Blurb and Cover!

I'm in the Christmas mood, but there's so much that I still have to do before the festive season is upon us! In some fit of insanity, I decided to release my book at Christmas, so life is even more hectic. Here's the blurb (back jacket copy) for Storms, and my cover which I think is really simple but effective.

ALEX is a journalist who has always dreamed of working for a glossy women’s magazine. Instead, she finds herself working for Dublin’s most notorious tabloid newspaper, rewriting press releases and covering for her colleague Jodie, a well-connected neurotic who still hasn’t figured out how to use an apostrophe

ROSE thinks that she has life sorted. She loves her job as a teacher in a disadvantaged school, and has just moved in with her gorgeous actor boyfriend, Daniel. The only clouds on her horizon are a headmaster with a passion for new-age team-building and a stack of envelopes that she refuses to open but can’t quite bring herself to throw out.

SHANNON feels like she’s stagnating. When she graduated at the top of her class from drama college everyone thought it would be just a matter of time until she got her big break. Instead, she pays the bills with parts in small plays and some low rent television shows. Now she’s in her thirties, is it time she gives up on her dreams and get a proper job?

When a scandal shakes up the lives of all three women, will they manage to stay true to their dreams? Or will the betrayal of one man change their plans for good?

Hope all your holiday preparations are going well! :) 


  1. This sounds like exactly what I want to read over the holidays!! Looking forward to it.

  2. Cute cover! You're getting close to your book launch, aren't you? I hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. Love the cover. The blurb is interesting, too. Great work.

  4. sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it!!!


  5. Oh, it's a great cover! And my first thought was chick lit, which the description sounds like it is. Definitely sounds like an interesting story--love some of your twists (details like the boss with new age team-building *snort* love it)

  6. Sounds like a fun story! How has your self-publishing journey gone so far?