Thursday 1 September 2011

Back to School (Kind of)

It's September! That back to school time. The one thing that I miss about school and university is the fact that I no longer have a month when it was acceptable, nay responsible, to buy a cupboard's worth of stationary. I did succumb to my love of papers and pens the other day by buying an armful of folders and labels, but they were for household organisation. Essential, no?

But the thing about the academic year, is that in some ways it feels more like a fresh start than the beginning of the calendar year. So I'm going to try this whole goal thing again. There's a number of things that I need to get sorted in September, but as this is a writing blog I'm going to concentrate on my writing goals.

1: Write entries for two writing competitions with deadlines in September.
2: Finish the first draft of Lemons
3: Finish half of Guildhall first draft (with steampunk conversion)
4: Resist new plot bunny (no matter how cool I think it is)

I don't know if my list is under-ambitious, or realistic. But if I get that much done, then I'll be happy.

What about all of you? Any 'back to school' goals?


  1. Good luck with your goals! I think mine should be "get manuscript ready for betas" ^_^

  2. I LOVE back to school time. I can get lost in a pile of school supplies, including stationary, stickers, pens, etc and be totally content. It is wonderful. My goal is simply to survive this semester of school and that means getting A's. I might be okay with an A- but I shoot for A's.

  3. If you figure out how to fend off the plot bunny, let me know. I bought a notebook just to scribble down new ideas in. Hopefully that will feed the bunny and pacify him while I work on current stuff. :-)


  4. It's a good idea to write down specific goals. You've inspired me to do the same! Good luck!!

  5. Good luck with your goals!!! I always buy a few notebooks because I use them for my students. I tend to forget to tell new students that they need notebooks so I bought about 10 of them at $.20 a piece it was a good deal! I hope you have a great September. I am so glad that it is September now.


  6. September is a wonderful month for a 'fresh' start. It's always been my New Year.

    Has anyone ever met a writer that DOESN'T love stationery and office supplies?

  7. Get going on those entries because you are an AWESOME writer! Pet the plot bunny so it doesn't hop away from you. :P

  8. Well, for us it hasn't been holidays or anything - those come at the end of the year - so I'm not really 'going back to school', per se. I do have goals though - like getting back into my revisions!

  9. OH, I LOVE back to school time. But only because like you, it's a fresh start, a new year of sorts.
    I hate that my kids go back and summer is over. BUT...I do have some goals.
    I need to get my edits done for my WIP and get it up on Amazon in October some time.
    My short story is going up next week.
    AND... most importantly I'm going to get the next project sketched out and on the road to first draft.
    I also have many plans for things besides writing. In fact, I may actually blog about it thursday.
    Good luck on your great goals! And..Happy New Year!

  10. HI Christine! I love your idea to give yourself a fresh start in September as if you were starting school even if you're not. That sounds completely inviting to think of things that way. I've also had a life-long love of all sorts of stationary supplies!
    I'm a fellow campaigner in the Women's Fiction/Chicklit group. It's so great to meet you!

  11. can i just say that shopping for pens, paper and filing equipment must just about be my favorite type of shopping. Except perhaps bargain book shopping.

    Happy days,


  12. Those are some great goals! I don't like the school part, but I do enjoy getting some nice new colorful pens. :)

  13. All of those goals sound realistic to me! Mine are similar - mainly finishing up drafts/revisions before November and NaNoWriMo. That will be my writing 'fresh start'.

  14. September has always felt like the beginning of a new year for me too. Especially since my husband is a teacher and I have three kids--I feel like my life has always revolved around the school calender. Best part, however, is that now I am also in school again. I took a few classes last year and start two more next week: Creative Non-fiction and fiction workshops at my local community college. Bring on September 6th!

  15. Good luck with all your goals - I think your list is just perfect. Concrete, not overshooting, and yet ambitious enough to keep you satisfied and busy! And folders and labels are totally necessary for household organization.

    As for me, my goals include getting back to the revisions of my completed WIP and working on my own plot bunny!

  16. My goals this month are to query the heck out of my YA Contemporary.

  17. I think your goal seems spot on! In fact, even a little ambitious for one month (especially with a 3 year old around). Good luck! I'd say mine are to continue whipping my thesis into shape (next draft is due Oct. 7th) and continue working on the second draft for my ya urban fantasy. And read. I need to catch up on my TBR pile.