Friday 23 September 2011

Blog Awards

Despite being missing and grouchy for most of the past fortnight I've managed to get not one but two awards! Yay! I got the Liebster award from the lovely Scott Stillwell, which is lovely to get. I won't pass it on though, because I've done that a few weeks ago when I received it before.

The second award was from the fantastic Alicia Gregoire. It's the 7x7 Link Award, where you pick 7 blog posts to fit the superlative given. So here are mine!

Most Beautiful: I don't really do beauty, even in blog posts. If my blog posts were a cartoon character they'd be Velma Dinkley. (Note to self: if I got my hair cut in a bob/pudding bowl I could totally carry this look off, btw)

Most Helpful: Five Top Twitter Tips for Writers In my pre-campaign days, this was also my most popular post. The internet loves advice posts, people.

Most Popular: My entry for the first campaign challenge, The Door Swung Open. I think it's going to be the prologue for Ravensborough II.

Most Controversial: 
 Any post where I attempt to point out that Ireland is not all Riverdance, Guinness, thatched cottages and shamrocks does not do well. Oh, and that Jameson is pronounced 'Jem-eh-son' not 'James son'. Maybe I'll pretend that I do indeed operate my blog from a tiny cottage surrounded by sheep, potato fields, and a group of peasants singing Danny Boy. Which just happens to have a fast broadband connection.

Most Surprisingly Successful: My post on How First Aid Ruined My Life

Most Underrated: I have low self-esteem. I think all of my posts are over-rated.

Most Prideworthy: 
 Any post where I attempt to point out that Ireland is not all Riverdance, Guinness, thatched cottages and shamrocks. Oh, and that Jameson is pronounced 'Jem-eh-son' not 'James son'.

The seven people I'm passing this award on to are:

Scott Stillwell

Laura Toeniskoetter

Alleged Author

Krista M

Charissa Weaks

Caitlin Vincent

Alexis Bass


  1. Congratulations! I loved the post about How First Aid Ruined My Life! Yes, we all are very fragile and almost anything can break us. I have low self-esteem also -.-

  2. Well, I didn't know how you pronounced Jameson, so thank you :-)

  3. Awww, it is funny how people get misconceptions about certain countries/cultures. Would you believe a friend once came across a couple visiting here in Canada during the summer who had brought their ski equipment. Ski equipment. In summer. *cough* Oh, and we don't all say "eh" at the end of every single sentence, eh? ;-)

  4. Aw, don't say that about your posts! They are important and meaningful.

  5. that is awesome about the awards! How cool! I love reading your posts. They are really interesting so please don't say that about your posts! It is funny how people get ideas in their heads about countries or cities that are so different from how they really are. I hope you are having a good day today and tomorrow will be good too!


  6. Hi Christine,
    I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award! See for details.
    JoAnna (Helen Clancy)

  7. Ooh, how fun :) Thanks for the award! I'll be sorting through my pathetically small archive to find appropriate links. I'll be posting it Monday.

  8. Thank you Christine!! I will post about this on Wednesday!!