Monday 5 September 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I love this award! It gives me an insane craving for meringue, but hey what else is new?

It was given to me by the fantastic Miss Cole. Her blog is great, by the way. Definitely one to check out.

The rules say that I need to share ten random facts about myself. I'm not sure if I've mentioned some of them before, if I have I apologise.

1: I didn't drink much coffee until March of this year. Now, myself and my husband spend so much on ground coffee that it doesn't bear thinking about. I actually avoid thinking about it.

2: I was an only child until I was fourteen. Ten years later I'm the eldest of seven. I got the benefits of being an only child when I was growing up, and now I have the benefits of being part of a large, close family.

3:  My husband is a journalist and editor. He edits my fiction to catch my grammatical errors. We have geeky conversations about the many roles of commas.

4: When I was a teenager I went on a school trip to Belarus. The hostel we stayed in was in the middle of a forest with Chechen rebel soldiers surrounding it. Luckily, they didn't bother us.

5: I prefer the world in my imagination to reality.

6: Winter is my favourite season, and I like the rain.

7: My grandad worked in the Guinness brewery.

8: My favourite musician is Bjork. I saw her play in Belfast three years ago, and she was amazing.

9: My dream house would be beside the sea. Still in Dublin, but beside the sea.

10: I started writing seriously a few days after my fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2009.

I said last week that I'd hold a contest to celebrate reaching the 150 follower mark. I'm now at 174, thanks to the campaign. I'll pick some books this week and hopefully announce it on Friday.


  1. Oooh, the cake in the picture does look yummmmy! I'm so glad to meet a fellow winter-lover - winter is awesome.

  2. That's quite a jump from being an only child for that long to have 6 other siblings, but it's very cool you have both perspectives now.

  3. If you can love winter and rain when living in Ireland, you know that's true love! :)

  4. Gosh, what a change in your family situation! But, as someone with older siblings, I'd hate a life without them :)

  5. How nice to have a built in editor! My husband doesn't even read! :-)

  6. I loooooove rain! In fact, it's raining right now. Perfect weather for reading blogs. :)

  7. I grew up an only child too, now I have a bunch of siblings. It's great bypassing the nasty 'kid' rivalry years :-)

  8. Winter and rain rock! They don't even have to occur simultaneously! :)