Sunday 3 April 2011

C is for... Coffee

Coffee is a relatively new love of mine. Like every good stereotypical Irish person, my first love is tea. My husband on the other hand, is a coffee lover. He samples different types of gourmet beans in the same way that some people collect expensive cigars or fine wines.  My husband is a journalist who works from home and the coffee machine we got as a wedding present is starting to huff and puff under the strain of making so many cups of coffee. I expect she'll be taking early retirement.

Before this month, I would have the odd cup of coffee, maybe once every fortnight or so. No more than that. But all of a sudden tea started tasting slightly bland, and I've moved over to having two mugs of coffee a day. Not much for most people, but for me it was the equivalent of a teetotaller starting to drink a bottle of wine a night.

I'm a very good person. I have no choice, I'm terrible at being bad. The one time I tried to sneak out to a pub when I was sixteen I was caught. Coffee has become my way of being bad. This sounds strange, but people with fibromyalgia aren't meant to have caffeine. I can't sleep without taking special medication (NOT sleeping tablets) and having the equivalent of four espresso shots a day isn't exactly going to help, is it? But I don't smoke, I only drink occasionally, and I have to cut down on sugar to drop body weight to improve mobility. We all need a vice, and I'm deciding right here and now, that my vice is coffee.

How badass is that? ;)

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  1. Here here for caffeine addiction! I'm a chronic coffee drinker. Apparently my mother, who is even more addicted than me, drank several cups a day while she was pregnant. I was born addicted. I went loopy the first time I had coffee flavoured ice-cream, and vividly remember sneaking down after my folks' dinner parties to drink what was left in the coffee cups strewn around the living room.