Monday 4 April 2011

D is for...Dogs

I was never a dog person. Cats I liked, I loved even. My first pet was a black and white abandoned cat called Merlin, and ever since I've adored them. I had nothing against dogs, even thought that they were cute, but I could never understand the crazy dog owners who talked about their pooch like it was an extra member of the family. Until I became one.

I got Roxie, my beautiful baby girl, a year ago next May. At the time I was studying for my master's degree, and my husband was working in a nine to six job. I was spending a lot of time on my own, and wanted company. Because I have a condition that sometimes affects my mobility, I was advised to get a small lap dog that wouldn't take much exercising. I've always been stubborn, so I went with my gut and went with a chocolate Labrador.

She was a puppy when I got her, so we built up the distance that we could walk together. She's now a healthy adult dog, and I am more mobile than I was when I got her as a result of forcing myself to exercise her. She's great company, and likes to lie on the floor beside my feet while I write. I love her to bits.


  1. I'm a cat person and have learned to love a dog too. I'm glad Roxie has been so wonderful for you!

  2. Roxie sounds awesome!
    I'm more of a dog person than anything, but I've had both a cool tiger cat named Carl, and an adorable Lab named Clea (both gone--boo hoo). Now I have a potbellied pig!!!! Her name is Thistle. She will follow me around when I let her out of her pen, and she's really strong.

  3. I always tell people I love cats unconditionally, and I love dogs like children--I love them if they are cute, clever, well behaved or MINE. I think it's great you and your pooch have built the exercise up together!

    And I spotted you are an ABNA quarter finalist, too--have I seen you on the ABNA boards (I am attention challenged, but usually hang at the Manse if I am there)