Wednesday 13 April 2011

M is for...Moving On. Both Figuratively and Literally.

I'm moving house this weekend. This is a scary thought because me and organisation do not go hand in hand. We're moving to a nicer house in the same area, so most of the work will be in flinging our belongings in the back of our car and doing many car trips. Did I tell you my husband lost his car keys? Two people as disorganised as us should have super organised spouses to balance ourselves out. But we married each other, so we continue to live in barely concealed chaos.We may be carrying boxes back and forth along the twenty minute walk. My chocolate Labrador may have to double as a pack mule.

I managed to write 3,000 words yesterday, so at least my book is progressing. I hope to write a good bit today if my wrists hold up, they're grumbling a little from yesterday.


  1. Urgh! I hope it goes more smoothly than the early warning indicators! (though I am giggling about how you put this). I am disorganized, but married an organizer--honestly, you are better off well matched. He makes me crazy when we try to do anything big because not only does it have to end up right, it has to GET THERE in the right way!

  2. I hate losing keys! Why can't I just put them where I know I'll be able to find them? I hope you're happy in your new place! =)

  3. good luck with moving! I am disorganized too, sad to say. my mother at one time was an organizer for me. She is the one who took all my music and label and catelogued it. I somewhat keep up with it with the help of a couple students of mine. I just can't keep things as good as she did!

    I hate losing keys too. I have to keep them in the same place everyday or I would not know where they are!

  4. Congratulations on your 3,000 words yesterday! I think the last time I wrote 3,000 in a single day was last February. You're progressing at a much faster rate than I am, even with sore wrists (and I hope that they've gotten to feeling better for you) :)

  5. To finish our basement, we had to pack all our extra stuff in the garage. Seeing that big pile from just one room, I told my husband I never wanted to move.

    Good luck with your move and congrats on writing 3,000 words in a day!