Wednesday 1 June 2011

Goals for June

Well, today marked the deadline for sending out my agent submissions. Unfortunately, while I'm almost done, I came up with a few changes for the novel in question while writing the synopsis. I know it means breaking a deadline, but making the changes will make my book much better. I have spent so much time on the manuscript, I don't want to scupper my chances for the sake of a few days.

So my new goals for June are:

1)  Finish Storms in Teacups edits and send off submissions by June 8th
2)  Complete Bunowrimo by adding 50,000 words to If Life Gives You Lemons
3)  Edit Ravensborough so I can start submitting it in July

I'm going on holiday on July 2 with my family. Four adults and six children in a converted castle with a hidden medieval staircase on the Irish coast. And, bizarrely yet importantly, a built in Nespresso machine. Hopefully the holiday will act like a carrot so I can do the ginormous amount of work that I've landed myself with.

Anyone else got any crazy plans for June?


  1. My crazy plans include writing a new outline...which is a bit daunting.

    Your castle vacation sounds wonderful!

  2. It's always better to wait and makes sure you're 100% happy before submitting. You rarely get second chances.

    My crazy plans involve finishing the revisions on my WIP before my kids finish school for the summer.

  3. @ Lydia: Someday I hope to be grown up and responsible enough to write an outline, it would certainly save a lot of editing afterwards.

    @ Stina: That's what I'm thinking too, better to hold off. Good luck with the revisions!