Thursday 2 June 2011

I think my characters are sulking...

I started Bunowrimo as a rebel, that is that instead of writing a 50,000 word novel from scratch I will write 50,000 of my current WIP, If Life Gives You Lemons. I expected that this would jolt be back into writing, as I took May off from writing in order to prepare another book for submission. But, despite me rereading the 30,000 words that I had written to date, every word I wrote felt heavy. It was an effort to write. And seeing as I couldn't possibly be at fault, I've decided to lay the blame where it is deserved: my characters.

They're sulking, you see. I've been gone for an entire month, editing Rose, Alex and Shannon, and I've neglected my current batch of characters. So they've decided that they are not going to make this easy for me at all. They're taking industrial action and are going on a go-slow.

I'm wondering what will work to shake them out of this. Appeasement? Scenes with cocktails, chocolates and a lottery win?

Let's just hope they snap out of it by tomorrow.


  1. I hope they allow you to write more tomorrow!!!!! Hmm, I wouldn't mind winning the lottery, of course I would actually need to buy a ticket to win, but wouldn't that be nice????

  2. Maybe you could possibly bribe them with good scenes. I tried it with one of my characters once, though it didn't work. Threatening them worked for me! I just told them that I would "kill" them off if they didn't behave. :)

  3. @ Heather: My husband and I always have these conversations about the fantastic amount of things we'd do if we won the lotto. But then, we never buy a ticket either!

    @ Krista: It just might come to that...