Thursday 23 June 2011

Guilt-Free Cookies

Inspired by Jen the Cupcake Queen I have decided to celebrate sending my manuscript out with home-made confectionery. Nothing too demanding, mind you, as I'm exhausted. Chocolate chip cookies, for the win. The guilt-free aspect has nothing to do with low-fat ingredients, as anyone who has seen the recipe will attest, but more to do with the fact that I've earned them. Hours of my life went into that manuscript, and let's face it cookies may be all I get to show for my troubles. That and the evening off.

Was sending off my sample chapters a proud experience? In a word: no. This had nothing to do with the significance of the moment, as much as the cantankerous postal worker who processed the envelopes. In fact, this woman seemed to hate her job so much that I have no reason to believe that my submissions are anywhere else but in a rubbish bin out the back. On the bright side, that means I'll get no rejection letters. It's an ill wind...etc.

Enjoy your evening all!


  1. Those cookies look sooooo good! Good luck w/the submissions. I'm sure the evil postal worker will not take her general hate for life out on your envelopes :)

  2. Good for you! I'll virtually enjoy one of those.

  3. Good luck to you!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Something you should know...
    1. I love cookies.

    You got this!

  4. Just stumbled upon your funny comment on my friend Mare's page. Nice to meet ya!

    You deserve a cookie AND a scoop of i-mine for sending out your manuscript. If you don't feel proud yet--believe me, you will!

    I too am a fibromyalgia kid--exercise, eat right and sleep. You're good to go--and try and write sometime in there, too!! :)

  5. Good luck! Cookies are good for a job well done. I'm sure that they will love what you've written! It may take a few tries, but you'll find someone to publish you. :)

  6. **Smiling** The way to every ones heart is through the stomach. Good luck!

  7. @Marquita: Thanks! Though the actual cookies I made had a much more...rustic...look to them. Tasted great though!

    @Alicia: I'll virtually share them with you. Aren't I good? ;)

    @Christie: Thank you! Personally, I could do with some American style seasons right now. It's drizzly and grey here, despite it being technically 'summer'.

    @Bethany: Nice to meet you too! I hear you on the sleep. Although, I sleep so many hours I could pass for a vampire. And I do have very pale skin...

    @Krista: And even if no one publishes it, I can still bake a decent cookie. Right?

    @Siv: Thank you!

  8. You really deserve the cookies!